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Nigerian Classical Music Inspiring New Ideas for Interethnic Relations

Chorister Testimonials from Singing Cultures Phase 1

“I was expecting to sing as a group, obviously! But the cultural themes, workshops, exploration of identity etc, were all a much welcome bonus. It was a wholesome experience that fed my creative juices, intellect and also my soul. Magnificient.”
“At first I was scared but excited about singing in the choir, learning about Fela Sowande and other renowned African Composers. It has opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at classical music.”

About Singing Cultures

Singing Cultures is inspired by the sound and spirit of African Classical Music.

Singing Cultures provides opportunities to experience, perform, and debate the cultural legacy of African Classical Music – of interweaving multiple cultural influences to imagine a ‘common humanity’. Phase 1 of Singing Cultures focussed on Nigerian Composers and in particular the music and life of Fela Sowande, a prominent figure in the evolution of African Classical Music.

A choir has been central to bringing life to the rich heritage of African Classical Music. In Phase 1 the choir’s repertoire was developed to include: songs composed by Fela Sowande; African folksongs; and two original songs capturing choristers’ reflections on the possibilities for translating the ideal of a ‘common humanity’ to everyday experiences and relations across communities. Below are some links of the choir in rehearsals and on performance night:

Come Out and Dance (rehearsals)

Okoro (audition)

Ita Na Mae (in rehearsals)

 ‘Music of Many Colours’ (Event)

For more about Singing Cultures, the choir, and the composers that are our inspiration see:

Your Chance to join the Singing Cultures Choir

In December 2017, we embark on Phase 2 of the Singing Cultures Journey. Victoria Oruwari will lead the choir’s choral journey, and Bilkis Malek will lead the themed discussions which will provide content for the new song(s). And we are looking for 6 to 8 individuals to join the choir.

What will the choir do?

  • interact with Classical Music from an African perspective.
  • learn the technical demands of Western Classical choral techniques.
  • perform selected works composed by African composers.
  • develop as a focussed and expressive choir.
  • reflect on how African composers interweave and reconcile opposing cultural influences within their music and life.
  • participate in themed discussions sharing personal experiences and aspirations for relations across different ethnic groups.
  • create at least one new song.
  • perform at live events.

What are we looking for?

  • individuals 18yrs or over of African and Caribbean background.
  • we are short of male voices in the choir so particularly welcome applications from men.
  • a mix of experienced choral singers and those with no experience at all.
  • enthusiasm and willingness to get involved in both the creative and discussion based aspects of rehearsals.
  • commitment to work as a team.
  • contribute a choir fee of £50 per chorister (approx. £4 per rehearsal).
  • availability to attend 12 rehearsals plus live performance event(s). A full rehearsal and event schedule is included below.

Click the red button to submit your application. If you’d like an informal chat about the choir or project phone us on 07941370979.

Singing Cultures Phase 2 Rehearsal & Event Dates

All rehearsals will be at The Premises Studios, 205-209 Hackney Rd, London E2 8JL
except Thurs 1st March which will be at St. George’s Church, Bloomsbury Way.

Dec 2017
    *Saturday 9th Dec 10.30am-1.30pm

     Thurs 14th Dec 7.15-9.15pm

Jan 2018  
     Thurs 4th Jan 7.15-9.15

     Thurs 11th Jan 7.15-9.15

     Thurs 18th Jan 7.15-9.15

     Thurs 25th Jan 7.15-9.15

Feb 2018 
     Thurs 1st Feb 7.15-9.15

     Thurs 8th Feb 7.15-9.15

     Thurs 15th Feb 7.15-9.15

     *Saturday 24th Feb 3pm-6pm

March 2018
     Thurs 1st March 7.15-9.15pm at St. George’s Church


3pm afternoon rehearsal, evening performance 6.30/7pm start

Thursday 15th March 7.15-9.15pm rehearsal at The Premises