Our Purpose

Transculturalvisions delivers creative projects inspired by the cultural experiences and heritage of Britain’s diverse communities. Our purpose is to advance public appreciation of diverse cultures; and further understanding about the dynamics that promote positive interethnic relations and a shared sense of belonging.

Established in 2014, Transculturalvisions’ first project is Singing Cultures – a music education project providing opportunities to learn about, perform and debate the cultural legacy of African Classical Music.

Our Projects:

• challenge ideas of ethnic groups as culturally incompatible.

Through exploring the intercultural dynamics within:

i) our diverse cultural heritage (for example the 200+ year history of Nigerian and other African Classical Music); and

ii) seldom heard experiences of living in Britain (such as how different ethnic groups make use of and value the British countryside).

• enhance public confidence in exploring and debating cultural differences and interethnic relations.

By presenting unexplored and hidden cultural histories through creative processes (such as choral singing) to provide accessible and safe spaces for individuals to think critically about their cultural and national identities and forging relations across communities.

• ignite people’s interest and investment in building relations across communities.

By focussing on cultural material that invites individuals to make personal connections with cultural identities and histories that may not seem relevant to them.

• enable the public to proactively influence debates about the challenges and real possibilities for promoting positive interethnic relations in Britain.

Through hosting events and forums where the public can debate their ideas directly with cultural commentators, academics and policy makers.