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African Classical Music Inspiring New Ideas for Interethnic Relations

Chorister Testimonials

“At first I was scared but excited about singing in the choir, learning about Fela Sowande and other renowned African Composers. It has opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at classical music.” (Valerie)
“Things you feel very strongly about can be very difficult to discuss. So for me we were able to strike that balance and out of that we were able to produce songs that were quite meaningful and do something beautiful.” (Bunmi)

About Singing Cultures

Singing Cultures is inspired by the sound and spirit of African Classical Music which goes back 200+years. African composers and their approach to music making is inspiring for the way it pushes the boundaries of Classical Music to embrace the cultures and values of African people and traditions. The result is a body of music that aspires to overcome divisions between communities.

Singing Cultures provides opportunities to experience, perform, and debate the cultural legacy of African Classical Music – of interweaving multiple cultural influences to imagine a ‘common humanity’.

Singing Cultures Choir

A choir has been central to bringing life to the rich heritage of African Classical Music. The choir’s repertoire has developed to include songs composed by African composers, African folksongs, and original songs capturing choristers’ reflections on translating the ideal of a ‘common humanity’ to everyday experiences and relations across communities.

Below are some links of the choir in rehearsals and on performance night:

Come Out and Dance (rehearsals)

Okoro (audition)

Ita Na Mae (in rehearsals)

‘Music of Many Colours’ (Event)

For more about Singing Cultures, the choir, and the composers that are our inspiration see:

Your Chance to join the Singing Cultures Choir

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