People love our vision

Music of Many Colours Audience

“A Wonderful Idea, Lovely and Warm”

“Thanks for the performance at Autograph. What a wonderful idea that came to fruition and a great space to give it its first visibility, not to mention a lovely end to an otherwise turbulent year.”

Sonia, Audience Feedback, Music of Many Colours – December 2016

“What Nigerian Classical Music in London?!”

“My auntie doesn’t really go out. Never goes to the theatre, stays in her area, takes the kids to school. So when she heard about the event she was like texting people in Nigeria. And people were visiting the website going ‘What Nigerian Classical Music in London?!’ So for her it was new. It brought warmth to her. And then she went to the black opera event the week after and took her son too.”

Maria, Music of Many Colours – December 2016

“Organisation brilliant”

“We really enjoyed the evening, such a happy, positive atmosphere and the choir so obviously proud of their achievements. Organisation brilliant. I feel very proud to be a trustee.”

Margaret, Transculturalvisions Trustee, Music of Many Colours – December 2016


“My brother got my little nephew who is seven and my niece eleven to say something at school, what they learnt at the weekend about Nigerian Classical Music. So they had something to take back to school and so it was educational.”

Audience Feedback, Music of Many Colours – December 2016

Participants enjoy their experience


“Inspired Totally Unexpected Creativity ”

“The fact that the experience inspired totally unexpected creativity from me. The opportunity to learn and be challenged to sing in another language. The exploration of identity, home and cultural reciprocity which led to opening up on a personal level.”

Ally, Singing Cultures Chorister on what they valued the most about the choir experience – November 2016

“Educational, Unique and Enlightening”

“Exceptional because it is not just a singing experience but is also educational, unique and enlightening.”

Denise, Singing Cultures Chorister testimonial – January 2017

“Amazing Job”

“Bilkis and Juwon did an amazing job, and were both extremely professional and organised, and yet rehearsals were fun and relaxed.”

Singing Cultures Chorister on the organisation of the project – November 2016

“Cultural Offerings Abundant in London”

“Looking at what Fela Sowande did all those years ago makes it urgent to be open and reach out to the cultural offerings that we have in abundance in a city like London”.

Victor, Singing Cultures Chorister interview for Sowande film, Dec 2016